Meet the People, Who do your handyman service

During the last 10 years we’ve been in business, our work principles have not changed!

We’ve always been dedicated to accomplishing 3 critical milestones in each servicing we do, such as:

  • Excellent quality
  • Diligent timing
  • Fair pricing

Also, we always aim for keeping a good mark in:

  • The range of roofing services we provide
  • The range of additional related servicing (such as skylights installing, chimneys and rain gutters cleaning and so on)

Meet the Team

Senior Specialist/Owner

Since his early childhood days, Renato has always been the first person to come and fix something that was broken… This urge for working with things and maintaining a deep understanding of how any kind of a mechanism works may have been caused by the fact that both his father and his uncle were plumbers…

Photo from Michael (9)
Senior specialist

With more than three decades of experience, working as a rooftop repairs specialist, Adam is our most senior and most valuable human resource! Since the day one that he’s been working at our company, Adam has been providing priceless mentoring for all our new staff members, helping them get into the work rhythm…

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Junior specialist

While Mark is our youngest staff member, his expertise within the skylights installation niche is simply priceless for our company. Previously working at a Florida-based skylights installing company, Mark knows everything about those and will gladly consult you on the matter!

Junior specialist

When it comes to the chimney or rain gutters cleaning, James is the perfect man for the job, by any measure! While he is overseeing that particular sector of our services, James also takes part in our regular business activities, such as the rooftop installations & repairs.

What Makes Our Company Different and




While we’re definitely not the biggest company in the US, we cover more roofing, skylights, gutters and chimneys related works and repairs than anyone else in the business!


All members of our big united team have a vast experience, profound skills, and an immediate urge to fix and install any roof within their sight! Our team can do anything!


Providing such a wide range of roof, brick and gutters related services as we do requires a solid amount of professional tools and equipment at hand!


Thankfully, we’re located not on the Wall street, but rather in a suburban & rural part of California. That is why having a price range that is fair, affordable for any working American is our goal!

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